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Wax Lyrical Julie Dodsworth - Rose Cottage Candle


Rose Cottage was the childhood home of my best friend, a Lancashire lass who I met as a young girl.  This fragrance takes me back to her cottage, warm and cosy with roses around the door.  It’s a sweet, delicate blend of pink and red roses in full bloom.  Hints of geranium rest on a base of cedarwood. Heavenly. This candle features the exquisite Rose Cottage design by Julie Dodsworth. It measures 8.5 x 9.5cm and will burn for approximately 60 hours, suffusing your room with beautiful scent.

It is made at Wax Lyrical’s home in the Lake District, England, where we create Rose Cottage by blending pure essential oils into creamy wax and pour the blend into an elegant glass.

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